What is a Commission?

When someone desires a painting of a special place or subject and does not find an existing work available, they can request or "commission" an artist to create a work for them. It can be in any medium, any size and subject matter.

Is a commission piece more expensive than a regular piece?

If the client desires something that requires unusual preparation, travel, material of research, additional costs may be involved. These can be negotiated and established at the onset.

What if I don't like the finished painting?

I personally would not be satisfied if the recipient did not like the painting. To ensure that the client is happy with the results, the procedure involves sketches for choice and viewing the progress. The best scenario and the final cost will be worked out with the client at the beginning.

Whom do I call to commission a work and ask more questions?

You are welcome to contact any of my art Dealers or you may contact me directly